28 March 2011

TenCate Advanced Composites highlights new thermoplastic composite applications at JEC 2011

2011 JEC Innovation Award Thermoplastic Composite Aircraft Seat 
A seat frame and aircraft seat back fabricated by Cutting Dynamics Inc. will 
be on display in the TenCate booth. This seat utilizes TenCate TC1100 PPS 
thermoplastic unitapes in a special braided pre-form developed by A&P 
Technologies. The PPS thermoplastic resin is provided by Ticona Engineering.  
Newest TenCate TC275 out of autoclave prepreg resin system
On display will be a 100+ ply structural beam cured under vacuum 
pressure and having less than 0.5% voids. TenCate TC275 is 
currently completing screening evaluations on the new Cirrus jet 
Boeing Phantom Eye 
Long endurance unmanned vehicle rudder fabricated with TenCate Cetex PPS 
RTL laminates and induction welded by KVE, the Netherlands. This 
thermoplastic rudder replaces a thermoset design and achieved weight 
savings for 25% and cost savings of 5%. Induction welding of TenCate 
Cetex thermoplastic composites eliminates the cost and weight of fasteners, 
and was highlighted last year in the 2010 JEC Aeronautics Innovation Award 
describing the Gulfstream G650 thermoplastic tail elevator made by Fokker 
Aerostructures from TenCate Cetex PPS RTL. 
New products from TenCate Advanced Composites
TenCate TC275 is the newest toughened epoxy system of TenCate, designed specifically for 
thick structural parts. It features a cure temperature of 275-350°F and has superior hot / wet 
strength retention. It is inspectable with common NDI methods.  TenCate Cetex TC900 Nylon 11 is a thermoplastic prepreg system for industrial applications. The 
Nylon 11 polymer is based upon renewable soy bean oil and is resistant to most solvents. 
TenCate Cetex TC900 can also be processed and formed at moderate 350–400°F (177–204°C) 
processing temperatures. 
TenCate TC420 is the ultra high temperature cyanate ester resin of TenCate, designed for 
sustained 500F service with capability for short term 600°F (315°C) service. It is capable of 
curing with low vacuum pressures in large parts and can be used for heat shields, missile fins 
and high temperature radome applications. It is a viable alternative to BMI resins. It f features a 3 
hour cure at 350°F  / 177°C and has an optional 90 minute 450°F (232°C) posture for 
maximum service temperature performance. TenCate TC420 is part of a high temperature family 
of products including a high temperature compatible film adhesive, core splice and syntactic 
Download: TCAC_New_ThermoplasticCompositesTC275_JEC-032911.pdf