TenCate is a leading supplier of specialty materials ranging from ballistic armor protection to advanced composites to geosynthetics. TenCate, a company with a rich 300+ year history, employs over 3,500 personnel in 15 countries and has annual sales in excess of $1 billion. All groups focus heavily on innovation and on delivering value through materials technology.

TenCate Advanced Composites (TCAC) operates three prepreg facilities in North America, and two in Europe. Our aerospace facilities are approved with ISO9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 Rev C approvals. The Corporate office for TCAC-USA along with manufacturing is located in Morgan Hill, CA which is approximately 1.5 hours south of our Fairfield, CA prepreg facilities. Both sites in the U.S. maintain carbon-free areas for the production of low-dielectric materials used in radomes and communication composite structure.The European corporate office and thermoplastic composites manufacturing is located in Nijverdal, the Netherlands and our thermoset manufacturing is in Langley Mill U.K.

TenCate is a leading supplier of high performance prepregs to the following segments: 
    • Commercial & military aircraft including radome materials 
    • Satellite and space structure 
    • UAV programs 
    • Aircraft interiors 
    • General aviation and helicopter 
    • Missile applications 
    • Industrial applications

We also are a leading provider of: 
    • Thermoplastic prepregs (TenCate Cetex® and CFRT® brand) 
    • Out of Autoclave curable prepregs 
    • Aerospace compression molded composite parts. 
    • Tooling prepregs (TenCate AmberTool® brand)

With our acquisition of PMC/Baycomp, TenCate provides the electronics, recreational, energy and transportation industries with thermoplastic prepregs and laminates.

TenCate’s aerospace thermoplastic technology is based upon reinforced thermoplastic laminates (RTL) and fabric prepregs provided out of our Nijverdal Netherlands facility, and thermoplastic UD tape produced in our California location. PPS-based thermoplastic fabric laminates are used on commercial aircraft leading edges, rib stiffeners, keel beams and interior panels. PEI-based thermoplastic fabric laminates are used primarily on aircraft interiors. Our thermoplastic aerospace grade unitapes based upon PEEK, PPS and PEI polymers are manufactured in Morgan Hill.

Our performance grade thermoplastic composites for energy, transportation, footwear/orthotics and consumer electronics markets are made in Camarillo CA and Burlington Ontario Canada. Our performance thermoplastics are based upon nylon, polycarbonate/ABS, polypropylene, polyethylene, polymethylmethacrylate and PET. They are designed for specific user needs including toughness, durability, cosmetic appearance and solvent and temperature resistance.