TenCate Advanced Composites began its focus on advanced composites in the early 70's with woven fabrics and thermoset prepregs.  TenCate quickly migrated to thermoplastic advanced composites under the Cetex brand name and became the world's leading supplier of aerospace thermoplastic composites.   Today, TenCate has thermoplastic materials serving a wide range of demanding applications from aerospace structural applications on Airbus and Boeing commercial aircraft to aircraft interiors.  TenCate Advanced Composites was part of Royal TenCate, a Dutch company with a rich 300 year heritage focused on innovative textile technologies ranging from geosynthetics and armor to fire resistant fabrics and advanced composites. In 2016, TenCate Advanced Composites was purchased by a consortium of investors lead by Gilde Buy Out Partners, a leading private equity house with a successful track record of investing in businesses to unlock their growth potential.    

Over the last twenty years, TenCate made several strategic acquisitions to bring both thermoset and thermoplastic technologies to Europe and North America.  TenCate Advanced Composites now operates four prepreg facilities in North America and two in Europe along with a parts fabrication facility in China.  

Today, TenCate is a leading supplier of high performance prepregs to the following segments:  

    • Commercial & military aircraft including radome materials 
    • Satellite and space structure 
    • UAV programs 
    • Aircraft interiors 
    • General aviation and helicopter 
    • Missile applications 
    • Industrial applications

We are also a leading provider of: 
    • Thermoplastic prepregs (TenCate Cetex® and CFRT® brand) 
    • Out of autoclave curable prepregs 
    • Aerospace compression molded composite parts. 
    • Tooling prepregs (TenCate AmberTool® brand)