Current Applications and Materials

Commercial Aircraft

– Applications include primary and secondary structures such as leading edges, keel beams, ribs and engine pylons.  
   • Cetex® thermoplastic prepregs based upon high temperature, solvent resistant PPS, PEEK and  PEI  resins.

– In production for interior side panels, luggage bins, flooring and components.  
   • Cetex® PEI-based and Polycarbonate (PC)-based low FST thermoplastic prepregs.

Satellites and Space Antennas   
– TenCate materials are found on primary satellite structures, solar arrays, antennas and dimensionally stable structures.  
   • Low CTE and low moisture uptake cyanate ester and epoxy prepregs utilizing high modulus carbon, quartz and aramid fibers.

– Electrically pure prepregs for military aircraft, missile and commercial applications.  
   • Low dielectric, low loss prepregs and adhesives

General Aviation & UAVs   
– Materials used in primary and secondary structures on leading aircraft.  
   • BT250E-1, BT250E-6, TC250, TC275-1, TC350-1, TC800BMI+ out of autoclave prepregs.

Out of Autoclave/Structural   
– Applications include primary and secondary structures including floor beams, engine nacelles and structural panels.  
   • TenCate’s low void structural thermoplastic unitapes and vacuum bag cure thermoset prepregs enable out of autoclave and automated tape laying processes.

Aerospace Molded Parts   
– Ranging from molded hydraulic clamps to helicopter inserts to missile fins.   
   • SMC and BMC glass and carbon filled compression molded lightweight parts. Design, tooling and fabrication capabilities – molding ideas into reality.